Fyra Center, Santorini, Greece


Our Services

Nikolaos Marinakis tour agency represents the optimal sailing experience and offers the guests comfort and pleasant moments on the luxurious cruising boats and yaghts sailing around the beautiful island of Santorini .

We and our partners offer the unforgettable experience while sailing at the clear Aegean sea . A wonderful day of sailing in a relaxed atmosphere is guaranteed while we care about our guests needs  and respond to the practical aspects of a unique cruise.

The cruises we offer are distinguished for their loyalty services while the catamaran sailing boats and the motor yaghts are fully equipped and the quality of services touches the highest level. The crews have full of knowledge about the area and being at your disposal they can offer trust and joyness .

The cruises are separated in two major categories according to the hours being preferred at the daily and sunset and the boats have specific routes around the island including some “stops” for swimming and enjoying lunch or dinner.

As regards the food the boats crew prepare delicious snacks and meals on spot including a meat and seafood variety cooked on barbeque and chilled beverages , beers and local Santorinian wine as well.

We can propose and organize your private cruise to explore the Aegean sea and Santorini ’s surrounding islands too by motor yaght.

Having the experience of a long journey in the tourist market we can ensure you for the best services and make you, your family or friends of you feel pleased at the end of the cruise.

Santorini - Catamaran

Marinakis Tours Travel, can arrange the most desired tours with the most sure Catamaran in Santorini, with well trained Catamaran staff, with a fantastic lunch menu and view of the best beaches in Santorini and the nicest Sunsets in the most hidden corners of Santorini.